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Structural Functional Theory

Author: Paul Hannan

Source: Intro Music by Mark Hannan; Public Domain All Images from; Public Domain

Video Transcript
Terms to Know
Macro-level Orientation

‚ÄčA zoomed out look at the social structures and institutions that shape society.

Social Fact

A phenomenon arising from collective consensus - i.e. our norms and values - that transcend the individual and exercise constraint.

Social Function

An act that contributes to the maintenance of a structure, such as system, institution, or society.

Social Structure

A repeated and routine-like pattern of social interaction or social behavior.

Structural-Functional Theory

A theoretical approach that sees society as a complex and interconnected system whose individual parts work in concert to promote stability and harmony in the system as a whole.

Suicide Study

A groundbreaking and fascinating study that linked suicide to social causes like the degree of social integration and the strength of social ties.

People to Know
Emile Durkheim

A pioneer of sociology famous for his studies of suicide and religion, and for the idea of "social facts."