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Story Elements

Author: Victoria Costley

LucidChart Story Map

Use LucidChart, an ONLINE (free) diagram creation site to access a Story Map that you can manipulate!


Click the above link & choose "Use as Template" to manipulate and make the Story Map your own.

Story Elements Notes part 1

The first set of notes covering the introduction to Plot & Story Map, as well as the elements of exposition, conflict, & rising action.

Story Elements Notes part 2

Part two covers the story elements of climax, falling action, & resolution.

Story Elements Notes part 3

The third section of notes, covering the story elements of major character & setting. This also discusses all prior elements & how they fit on the story map.

Story Elements "Other" Notes part 4

Other important elements to a story; protagonist & antagonist, flashbacks, theme, and mood.

Story Map

Story Map

Here is a pdf version of the color story map. Feel free to download & write notes on this template.


Cinderella Story Elements Activity & Quiz

Source: Annenberg Foundation 2013

Short Story Elements (Advanced Practice)

Source: Annenberg Foundation 2013

Online Graphic Organizers for Story Elements