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Plot Diagrams

Author: Jacob Bane

Learn: Introduction

An introduction to a plot diagram and its parts.

Learn: Plot Diagram Example


A plot diagram resembles a mountain and allows any reader to keep track of a story's parts and events. Scholastic provides a great version of what a plot diagram can look like. 

The plot diagram is available here:

Learn: Plot Diagram Video

Here is an excellent video showing what a plot diagram looks like and what the different parts include. The video uses the fable "The Three Little Pigs" as an example for the different parts of a plot diagram. If you are unfamiliar with the story of "The Three Little Pigs," an example story can be found here:

Practice: Questions


Lets practice how to make a plot diagram! For this practice you will fill out a plot diagram for the story "Cinderella." 
If you are not familiar with the story of "Cinderella" you can find numerous versions here: 
I suggest the “Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper (France, Charles Perrault)” version found here: 
As you read or remember the story, you can fill out your own plot diagram by drawing your own, using the example from Scholastic above, or by using the online version found here: 


It is now time to create and do your very own plot diagram. Watch the "Bugs Bunny" cartoon below and by creating your own or by using the Scholastic template complete the elements of a plot diagram.