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Nervous System

Author: Erick Taggart

Nervous System- Central and Peripheral


Video Transcript
Terms to Know

Central processing unit located in the head, where all mental information about a person is kept and used to control the rest of the body.

Central Nervous System

The control center of the nervous system, which collects information from the rest of the body and causes the body’s responses; contains the brain and spinal cord.

Nervous System

The body’s communication system, which sends information to and from the brain and allows it to control the rest of the body.

Peripheral Nervous System

The neurons in the rest of the body outside of the brain and spinal cord, which control muscles, carry sensory information from the environment, and control involuntary actions.

Spinal Cord

A thick bundle of nerves that connects to the brain and acts as an “information superhighway”, conducting info to and from the brain along the back.