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Lesson Planning with TPACK

Author: Trisha Fyfe
Video Transcript

Notes on "Lesson Planning with TPACK"


(00:00- 00:10) Introduction/objectives

(00:11 - 00:32) Review of TPACK Model

(00:33- 01:23) Sample lesson for evaluation

(01:24- 01:34) Reflection/application questions

(01:35- 01:52) Updating the lesson: CK

(01:53- 02:09) Updating the lesson: PK

(02:10- 02:35) Updating the lesson: TK

(02:36- 03:09) Updating the lesson: TPK, TCK, PCK

(03:10- 04:31) Updating the lesson: TPACK

(04:32- 04:49) Reflection/application questions

(04:50- 05:43) Review 

Additional Resources

The Practitioner's Guide to TPACK
This site offers elementary and secondary case studies illustrating the implementation of TPACK in the elementary and secondary classrooms. The purpose of the case studies is to support teachers in the effective integration of technology into teaching and learning.