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Introduction to Peer Coaching

Author: Trisha Fyfe

Source: Image light, Public Domain,; Image of 2 face silhouettes, Public Domain,; Image of collaboration, Public Domain,

Video Transcript

Notes on “Introduction to Peer Coaching”


(00:00- 00:22) Introduction/Objectives

(00:23- 01:27) What is Peer Coaching?

(01:28- 02:30) What Does Peer Coaching Look Like?

(02:31- 02:54) Benefits to Peer Coaching

(02:55- 03:47) Recap

(03:48- 04:28) Reflection

Additional Resources

A Definition of Peer Coaching

Pam Robbins provides a clear overview of peer coaching. Included in this chapter is a useful infographic that illustrates the different uses of peer coaching in schools.