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Identifying Sentence Fragments

Author: Martina Shabram

Sentence Fragments

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Video Transcript

Notes on "Sentence Fragments"


(00:00 – 00:09) Introduction

(00:10 – 00:21) What are we going to learn today

(00:22 – 01:14) What is a sentence fragment?

(01:15 – 01:45) Identifying Sentence Fragments

(01:46 – 02:05) The “It is true that…” Trick

(02:06 – 02:46) Practice: is this a fragment?

(02:47 – 04:30) How To Fix Fragment Sentences

(04:31 – 05:01) Recap and Goodbye

Terms to Know
Sentence Fragment

A phrase or clause that does not meet all the criteria of a sentence.