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Differentiated Instruction

Author: Kathleen Johnson

Source: Digital Access Key Image; Morgue File;

Video Transcript

Notes on "Differentiated Instruction"

(00:00-00:24) Intro

(00:25-00:33) Objectives

(00:34-02:43) Differentiated Instruction Overview

(02:44-04:36) Differentiating Content & Process

(04:37-08:28) Differentiating Product & Environment

(08:29-09:07) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

Edutopia: Differentiated Instruction

This web page provides articles, videos, and tech tools for teachers who are interested in differentiating their classroom instruction. The videos are linked from the Teaching Channel, and demonstrate differentiation in action in the classroom.

​UVA's Institutes on Academic Diversity

Carol Ann Tomlinson, professor from the University of Virginia, is well-known for her work in the area of differentiated instruction. This UVA site highlights Tomlinson's work in differentiated instruction and provides useful videos, articles, and resources for teachers embarking on DI in their instruction.