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Business Writing Basics

Author: Soma Jurgensen

5 Steps to Better Business Writing

Last year I wrote an article for about how to write better business communications. By following 5 straightforward steps (notice I didn't say simple or easy) it's possible to begin improving your writing today.

Visit this link for the full article.

Business Memo Basics

Review the purpose, style, format, and organization of business memos in this presentation.

Business Memo Example

This example uses many of the best practices expressed in the PowerPoint presentation above.


Email Etiquette 101

There are multiple sites dedicated to email etiquette. Here is a comprehensive PDF from one of them.


What the Email Etiquiette Sites Won't Tell You

Formatting isn't everything. For more insight on how to write effective emails follow this link to my packet.

Writing Business Letters that Get Read

Carefully choose your channel when sending business communications. Sometimes a more formal letter is necessary, especially when writing to an external audience. In this PowerPoint you can review the basics of quality letter writing.

Block Business Letter Format

Block style is the most common for business letters. It's always wise to get an example of a letter from the specific company you're writing for to make sure you learn any specifics in the organization's style. Modified block style is another, less often used, style.


Business Letter Writing Checklist

Don't leave quality writing up to chance. Use this checklist to make sure you have written the strongest communication possible.