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7 Characteristics of Life

Author: Nathan Lampson


Living things have 7 characteristics in common.


1 - Made up of cells

Cells are the basic unit of life. Living things are composed of cells.


2- Cellular Organization

Living things are able to organize simple things into complex things.  Humans can organize cells that are alike into tissues and organs.


3 - The Chemicals of Life

Living cells are composed of similar chemicals, water, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids.


4 - Energy Use

Living things use energy to repair and function -- your brain cells are using energy right now.


5 - Response to Surroundings

Living things react to changes in environment. Populations evolve over time. You respond to your surroundings when you are startled by a car horn.


6 - Growth and Development

Living things grow from the energy found in organic molecules and develop, becoming more complex over time.


7 - Reproduction

Living things duplicate their genetic code and produce offspring.

7 Characteristics of Life